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Dear Giver-of-Pandas!anon,

I love you too. Luff-filled!squishes back! Your sweet message and cute surprise gift made my day today.

Really. I very rarely get gifts and even more rarely receive messages like this IRL or online. (I'm not really on LJ anymore but messages still are posted to my email account.)

Thank you. ♥

I hope you're having many wonderful and awesome days too! (Part of your message sounded a bit ominious, I hope things are okay. If they're not so great, I hope things will be okay very soon for you. x )

If you're free to catch up or need someone to ramble to, feel free to message me or drop by my Tumblr account.



I've moved over there and while not posting prolificly, and am keeping an almost creepy positive vibe there (that might not last long if I start posting fanwork again;; since I'm still a sadist >_>) I'm hanging out there alll the time.

Take care of yourself and hope to hear from you again. :)

[Note: I'll delete this later since it's a strange blip on my defunct journal.]

Hello there~

Feck convention.

Ariite, go on. Hit me with your best shot.

Edit: Good day, says I, to the rest of my life.

Writer's Block: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Do you give your vehicles names? If so, what are they?

My car's name is Meth.




Lazing in dead water.

I've sort of gone hikikomori. Hanging around in my room, FBing and rereading OP and some fics. Not good. Kind of stymied on where to start/go.;;;



Nothing was quite as eye-catching as this rape crime prevention article in the Las Vegas Weekly (freely available all over LV). XD


I took some pictures of the scenery (aha, no crazy party whatever on my end-- the most inane thing that happened was that post-New Year fireworks, "yaoi vs yuri + porn" debate in the Westin bar with 2 Germans, 2 South Koreans, and a buttload of Chinese/Taiwanese-Americans-- and a Caucasian, but he was mostly at the Blackjack tables) and will try to post a couple up.
Happy 2010! Went to Las Vegas for New Year's. Hope everyone is doing well!

Twilight rambleCollapse )
If I have the chance and time, I will write a reflective blurb about the past year and my resolutions (although considering I didn't do jack for last year's they'll largely remain the same, I suspect).

I've been getting out the last few days, so things have been interesting. Although, after New Year's I suppose I'm back on my own and facing square zero.

My contract ended mid-December. It was originally stretched to the end of December, but (fortuitous?) circumstances had HR calling me up and revising it to mid-December. My supes have asked me to return after New Year's, but this is probably the most graceful out I have, so I admitted I wasn't at all sure I wanted to continue and declined. They left the offer open in case I change my mind, which I'm grateful for. However, it's an insidious temptation.

I am worried how I'm figuring out where to go from here and if I find the next step, but if I go on mindlessly with it, I'm sure I'll be in the same position when they'd finish with me. It's not a job I can see myself lasting in over a year, much less five.

Joining some friends in Vegas, so I'm heading out tomorrow early afternoon. This will be the first time I actually do something interesting for it. I'm a bit sorry to Julia, who had asked me first if I wanted to go. I ended up changing travel plans to go with Johnny on Friday afternoon instead of earlier, when she's going, since I thought it'd fit better.

Went down to Irvine to visit a friend (with another friend, her bf) tonight. Took longer than I thought and I came back later than I wanted, but it was nice to see them and hang out. Originally I wanted to just enjoy the blue moon with them, but we didn't go outside in the end at all. Or drink tea or have cookies. My friend had an emergency surgery a week or so back and is recuperating at her mom's place. She's still really sore so she couldn't walk down the stairs to go outside. (And she originally wanted to take a detour and go up on a hot air balloon today!) The hot air balloon did sound like a fun idea but I'm glad we didn't do it. Not only because it wouldn't help my recovering friend at all, but also because cramming it in today would've been too rushed and it was raining today.

Her bf took a cat they were catsitting down with us and it turned out my allergies (to fur) reacted with him.... he was a lovely, lovely cat though, so I didn't mind. The poor thing hated the car ride though. He cried and screamed the entire way down to Irvine-- he was losing his voice at the end of the drive and wheezing badly.

Peacocks' really do sound like the cries of suffering cats.

Yesterday went to Long Beach's Aquarium of the Pacific with Luce. Had a wonderfully fun time yesterday. :D We also went for whale watching and caught all 4 species of dolphin in the area (although how the guides could tell the difference is beyond me; I also couldn't see the Ri-something dolphins they spotted), sea lions and seals, and the backs of fin whales, and a very obliging and friendly young humpback whale who breached the water twice as well as rolled around and flipped up his tail at us. A lot.

I figure we got so lucky because he WAS a young whale and couldn't figure out what the hell our boat was. ::lol:: So he rolled around us and finally gave up and poked his head up to take a look. And then again after a spit-take at the funny things (us) on the big white thing (the boat). After all, after the second breach, he dove and didn't bother to come back.

Also caught Sherlock Holmes, the movie. It is BADASS. I loved it; I definitely recommend it if you're looking for a spot of action with cutting, sly humor and a very capable and awesome female character. I also watched the Princess and the Frog a few weeks back and it's a very nice film. Handled racial issues well (went a bit heavy on the hard work ethic), made the characters likeable, and had interesting twists. I totally thought paying $11 to watch a Disney movie in theater was a bit silly, but it was worth it.

Well I really need to go sleep. u_u FFFF, 2:45 AM... just got back from Irvine about half an hour ago. I need to get up by 11 to pack, figure out what I should be trying to do in Vegas, and the organize, hit the bank, yada yada.... leaving at 2 PM. :X Should be trippy.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year everyone! I'm still backlogged on some email (sorry!) and will be working on getting back to those... and cleaning, etc. the usual. Take care!

Thank you. :)

BS, love, thanks for the beautiful snowflake. Massive hugs from me! I wish you wonderful winter holidays and good times. :) Merry Christmas to you too!

tdei ♥